Saturday, January 21, 2006 [ 12:22 PM ]

Ely and Michael

After the booming of the novelty songs and RnB’s, it looks like that the variety of Pinoy bands have taken back their place in the local radio stations.

With these bands gaining life anew, it reminds me of the days when they are regarded as the ones seated in the throne of Philippine music. Probably during the 90’s (the time when I can appreciate music) I think there’s no one who is somehow inclined to music, particularly to these bands, that doesn’t know even a single song from the Eraserheads.

The 90’s had been the era for the eheads. From getting a triple platinum to getting their Mtv award, from appearing in television commercials to having their big screen appearance, it seems that nobody could stop them.

But that era has ended, and now that the trend of local bands is slowly taking back its seat, there is still no trace of the legendary eraserheads. Its lead vocalist Ely Buendia is now in his new band called “Pupil” writing songs and leading the group.

Although he is slowly getting back his fame, it seems that he couldn’t match what their group did before. He has his fans, he has his audience, but the magic is not as good, which reminded me of the great Michael Jordan.

Michael is regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, but just like other legends, the greatness is now nowhere to be seen but in history. Michael’s greatness is incomparable during his time, leading the Chicago Bulls to 6 championships.

After leaving the Bulls, Michael landed to the Washington Wizards as his new home, before he eventually retired. He still showed his magnificence and greatness and brought the Wizards a new hope but he wasn’t able to give them a single championship.

Michael Jordan and Ely Buendia are both great by themselves, they can stand alone but their chosen profession is not a one-man team. Their group helped them to be what they are and without their team, they can never be the same. Michael and Ely are great, but they can only live in the shadows of their past. Michael can’t be greater than the Jordan of the Bulls and Ely can’t be better than the Buendia of the E’heads.