Tuesday, October 03, 2006 [ 9:30 AM ]


As the newspapers said, it was a Cinderella finish, and it is what makes fairy tales magical and exiting, how the heroes started from nothing and ending up as the victors. As in the case of the UST growling tigers, they started as the underdog but finishing with the crown.
Who would have thought they could make it? After a bad start in the elimination, the tigers were not even part of those expected to land in the final four. But the tigers just proved that fairy tales do come true. Tiger jumping higher than anyone could imagine to slaughter an eagle up in the sky.

UST’s dramatic victory gave me a ride back to memory lane where I cheered and supported a basketball squad. The last time I felt anxious in a basketball game was back then when the legendary Robert Jaworski was still playing in the PBA. That was I think back in the 90’s where Gordon’s Gin won the championship. The mixed emotions I felt yesterday was the feeling I loved and I missed in some years now.

I felt proud of that win. They beat the crowd favorite team who thought that without DLSU in the league they are indestructible. Beating a stronger opponent is always sweeter. I wish I’m there in Araneta to join the crowd in jubilation, but even though I’m not there still I managed to cheer with some Thomasian office mates. I even wore the growling tigers shirt and jacket in the office to show support, not minding how will I look like just in case we lose. Until now the GO USTE! chant still rings in my ears. As Chuck Smith said back in 2002, yellow is the color of the day.