Sunday, April 09, 2006 [ 6:19 PM ]


"Gugulong ka sa sarap..."

For a newly graduate like me, this year’s summer would be far from the previous summers I’ve experienced before. If I used to stay at home during summer, this year would be different.

This summer, almost all newly graduates are expected to hunt for a stable job and eventually start working as soon as possible. But the problem is that there are not enough job opportunities available for another batch of unemployed citizens of the country. Actually, there are lots of jobs out there but there is not enough that suits the qualifications of the newly grads. There are lots looking for plumbers, carpenters and the likes but I cannot seem to see university graduates who spent their money for education landing in those kinds of jobs. They would at least look for something that could compensate their expenses.

I admit that I am one of those newly graduates that are looking for a job suited for my degree. But I if there is something that differs me from all those jobseekers, I think, that it’s my willingness to land in any job available. (Illegal jobs not included) Of course I’ll not stop looking for a job that I really like or something that could be permanent, but I do not want to waste my time sitting in the corner of our house when I know that my parents badly needs my help.

But I cannot help them financially when I’m still unemployed. So with the P200 I’ve saved, (that P200 was the refunded amount form Roxanne’s, which I never returned to my parents.) I decided to start a very small business in the wet market near our house.

Since I really hated summer because of too much heat, I decided to use that as an advantage. I started a mango shake business, Shake-a-Minute mango shake “Gugulong ka sa sarap”. I bought P150 worth of mangoes, (TIP: mangoes with few rotten parts are sweeter and much cheaper) P30 sugar and P21 milk. Borrowed a blender and a Styrofoam container from my cousin and presto! An instant business.

The first day of my business was not bad. For P5 per glass, I’ve gained my P200 back and earned P60 plus I still have some ingredients I can use tomorrow that will soon be converted as my income. Though my dad and my brother were my first detractors I just ignored them. I know that they are not really used to doing such business. Although I can hear them and my relatives joking “Yan, UST yan tindero nalang ng shake” I don’t mind them. I don’t want to remain stagnant, I wanted to help and I will help in any way I can, in any way possible.

Selling street foods is not new to me so starting this business is somewhat easy. I’ve experienced selling bibingka in the streets when I was seven or eight years old and I have been a newspaper boy for more than five years. I even sold brownies and birthday cards at school when I was in high school. I don’t care what others say, for as long as I know that what I’m doing is right, I’ll do it come what may.

My Shake-a-minute fruit shake is available from Mondays to Fridays from 7am to 6pm at Kapak palengke Caloocan City. For more information just email me at (parang PR lang e hehe)


Friday, April 07, 2006 [ 7:25 PM ]


People always say that I’m a serious and silent person but if my friends will be asked, maybe they will say that I am a faultfinder arrogant person who do not take things seriously but rather sees almost everything as a joke.

Some say that we always pretend to be someone we wanted to be, and that someone is what we want others to see as ourselves. As for that matter, I do not know if the character others see in me is something I wanted to be or if it is the real me. I like laughter but I always tend to be serious for reasons I’m not yet sure. Maybe because of what my relatives taught me when I was young that laughter is just a precedent to sadness. Maybe it is because I don’t want to be sad that I don’t want to laugh even how much I love to.

I don’t know what I wanted to be and I don’t know who should I be. Maybe you’ll say that I should be myself but how when I do not know who am I? I wanted to be with everybody but I would rather choose to be alone. I wanted to speak but I would rather keep silent.

My life is full of irony that I even doubt what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. My silence doesn’t only mean that I have nothing to say but I have lots of thoughts I couldn’t express. My elusiveness to people doesn’t mean I don’t want to have company but I don’t want to lose someone so dear.

Being alone always makes me think… but often times it gives me nothing but depression.