Wednesday, February 28, 2007 [ 8:23 AM ]


I never really liked heavy music ever since I was a child. I remember I used to turn off our radio whenever my uncle listens to his Pepe Smith and Metalica rock bands. Honestly, I have nothing against the artists and I don’t care about the song’s lyrics, but I just don’t like their kind of music because the only thing I know I get from listening to it is headache. Old songs and Love songs are basically the types that interest me. Although love songs usually make me feel blue, at least it never made me wonder if Word War II is happening inside my head.

Contrary to what other people at my age like, I prefer soothing music that makes me feel relaxed and calm. I remember when I was still studying, and all those stressful deadlines and loads of paper works stare in my face, lying on my bed with soft music on the background is my best stress-reliever. And until now I still do that whenever I feel exhausted.

Just last week, I heard this music of Sitti and I swear it's one the best music I ever heard. I just thought that in a time where everybody seems to be very busy in their everyday life, how I wish those kinds of easy listening music dominate the airwaves so that everyone can feel relaxed and carefree.