Thursday, July 28, 2005 [ 5:41 PM ]

Do not enter

Yesterday GMA finally made a press conference in Malacañang since the biggest challenge on her administration burst on June 6. But it was not as everyone thought it would be... The press conference is supposed to be part of the new image of the president, and she would start her friendly looking image to the media. But what happened? yes, It is he again... Sec. Bunye cast away the journalist and photographers from the international media, and that is without any precedent notice.According to him, the press conference was exclusively for the Malacañang Press Corps. So the poor media members, with all their efforts wasted because of the good secretary just packed up and walked away. As Time Magazine correspondent Nelly Sindayen said, It never happened before, even during the darkest days of the Marcos years. But the circus doesnt end there, because according to the news, the questions to be answered by the president were asked to be given before the start of the conference and only the chosen few were allowed to ask questions. (She should have chosen Mr. Bunye, Mike Defensor and Raul Gonzalez as her Malacañang Press Corps). As expected, no queries with regard to the hello garci tapes and the likes were brought out. Why? go ask Mr. Bunye... that is if he allows you to ask.

What is wrong with answering every questions that the journalist wants to ask? besides, it would have been the chance for the president to clear her name to all these allegations. This scenario looks familiar... when the president would just ignore all the questions as her way of scaping the issue. That is what she did before... before she confessed that the voice on the tape belongs to her. In accordance with the ordinary promptings of man, or woman for her sake, a person whose character is being bombarded by criticisms, and especially negative criticisms would immediately clear his/her name. In fact, other people would call for a press conference, just like what the president did, but this people would appreciate all the questions to be asked simply because that would clear all the doubts in the mind of everyone. But the president did otherwise, she didnt entertain questions that the people wanted to ask, why? is she hiding anything? that impression cannot be hindered to enter the minds of every thinking citizen. As my highschool friend says, "If you really have no pimple... then go ahead and show your face" If really the president is innocent of all these allegations, she should be proud to let it be known to the public.

Others said the president is hiding the truth... well, maybe it is partly true, why? because I believe you couldnt hide anything you dont have... You cant hide the truth if everything that is in you is a lie.


Saturday, July 23, 2005 [ 4:57 PM ]

Laban o Bawi?

If I remember it right, I thought GMA told the opposition to bring their complaint with regard to election fraud to the congress and to follow the rule of law. That is what she said in the height of this political crisis along with her “I’m sorry” line and that “lapse in judgment”

But what is the administration doing? First, they have preempted the Impeachment complaint that will be filed by the opposition by filing their “weak” version of it by a majority congressman in the name of Oliver Lozano. The opposition has been greatly opposed to it because according to them, its lack of substance may just give the president another one year if the complaint was dumped. But realizing that they can’t do anything about it, the opposition said that they will just come up with a concrete complaint to amend the one filed by Lozano. The amended version up to now is under process and would eventually be filed when the congress opens on Monday.

But before the opposition can do the complete amendment of the complaint, GMA had another tactical move…

GMA filed an answer to the original Impeachment complain filed by Lozano. What’s the point? GMA answers the complaint by Lozano, and according to the rules of court, when the accused had already answered the complaint; it would barred the complaint from any possible amendments. Does that make sense? Of course, because the complaint of Lozano is “weak” and she has a grater chance of escaping the real issue.

Is that an act of cowardice? Before, she was brave enough to face the issues in an Impeachment court, but now she is asking the congress to dismiss the case. (That is part of the answer of the president.) Well, conviction is to stick to your guts. If really GMA didn’t commit any impeachable offense, then she should have waited for the stronger complaint promised by the minority. In the first place she is the one who challenged the minority to file a complaint in congress, so why doesn’t she allow that complaint, and I mean that legitimate complaint of the minority to be filed? What is she afraid of? I just wonder what fairy tale Bunye would say.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005 [ 11:34 AM ]


I saw an article yesterday that caught my attention.
The famous Presidential Spokesperson Igacio Bunye talked with regard to the popularity rating survey conducted by the Time Magazine and CNN. The survey says that 57% of Filipinos do not trust Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo tsk!

(How can you lead a country in which majority of its people doesn't want to be lead by you?... but that's another issue)

Time Magazine and CNN are known for their credibility, so it's just ethical to believe what they have to say...
That is why Sec. Bunye did not deny the result of the survey but rather came out with a (stupid) response.
Bunye said that GMA wants to focus to the economy rather that to give attention to all these surveys... he says that the presidency is not matter of popularity...(???)

I am not an anti-GMA or an anti-Bunye for that matter but Bunye always has his own way of irritating my ear (just like Raul Gonzalez)

Does Bunye mean that the ratings of the president doesn’t have anything to do with the economy? Bunye should think. If he was a foreign investor, would he invest in a country that has a leader that even its people do not trust?
If the ratings shows that the president do not have the trust of her constituents, how can investors give their trust to her? If the people close to you do not trust you, how can others do?

Mr. Bunye should think before he speaks... being a spokesperson doesn't mean he only have to speak... he also needs to think.


Thursday, July 14, 2005 [ 5:54 PM ]

Ang gulo...

Ang ating mga magulang ang nagtuturo sa atin ng maraming bagay, sa kanila tayo unang natutong kumain, uminom, magbasa, magsulat at marami pang iba... kung minsan pati mang-asar.

pero hindi maiiwasan kung minsan e sadyang mahirap silang "ispelengin" o yung mahirap malaman kung ano ba talaga ang gusto... unpredictable ba. Pero hindi naman ito madalas...

Sa minsang pagkakataon habang pinagagalitan ng tiyahin ko ang aking pinsan... ako mismo ay naguluhan...

Tita: walang hiya kang bata ka... gabi ka na naman umuwi! hindi kana nakakatulong dito sa
bahay! puro ka laro... nagubos kana naman ng pera mo ano...! #@45!*%#$@!!!
Pinsan: ...
Tita: Ano saan kana naman nanggaling hayup ka?
Pinsan: ...
Tita: pag kinakausap ka sasagot ka! hayup ka talaga @3#$%^&*
Pinsan: pumunta lang po ako kinaaa... (hindi na natapos ang sinasabi)
Tita; AH! sumasagot ka pa ah! tok! slpag! sinasagot-sagot mo na ko ngayo ah! 3%#$&*@##!

Ang gulo talaga ni tita, di mo malaman ang gusto... pero di pa natapos dun...

Tita: ikaw bata ka talaga hayup ka napaaway na naman ako sa kapit bahay dahil sayo
puro kalokohan ang alam mo sa buhay... puro kahihiyan nalang ang binibigay mo sa 'kin!

Ayos lang sana, tahimik lang si pinsan dahil alam naman nyang siya ang mali at natural lang na pagalitan siya ng ina... pero makalipas ang ilang araw e napagalita ulit si pinsan...

Tita: Ano ka bang bata ka wala kana bang alam na gawing matino sa buhay mo! @#$%^^!!! hindi mo na 'ko binigyan ng kahihiyan!
Pinsan: ...tsk! pag bininigyan ng kahihiyan galit. pag hindi binigyan galit...

Ano nga ba ang gusto ni tita? hmp... malamang ay nadala lang siya ng emosyon at hindi na namamalayan ang sinasabi... alangan namang galit kana e iisipin mo pa yung grammar mo... pero buti nalang at hindi ganun si nanay...


Tuesday, July 12, 2005 [ 5:28 PM ]

Look Alike

When I was walking with my friend the other day, we were talking on different issues and sharing our ideas, our conversation went through different themes such as politics, religion, humor etc. Amid our conversation, my good friend suddenly asked me a question which I don’t know if that belongs to the topic of religion or humor… maybe both. His question was…

Bakit ba gumawa ang Dios ng mga taong pangit, bakit hindi nalang Niya ginawang makakamukha lahat para pantay-pantay?

At first, I was startled and ask him if that was a joke and if I am supposed to laugh. But he reiterated the question… hindi nga… pwera biro? I supposed he really wants to know my opinion on his inquiry. So I did answer… and my response was something like this…

Alam mo tol, simple lang naman e. una sino ba tayo para questionin ang Dios db. Tapos isipin m nalang kung lahat magkakamukha… imaginin mo… naglalakad ka sa kanto tapos nakasalubong mo yung kaaway mo… sinapak mo ngayon tapos tumakbo ka na… paguwi mo sa bahay nyo nakita mo yung tatay mo basag ang mukha… bakit? Kasi un palang sinapak m e tatay mo kamuka lang nung kaaway mo

ang masama sabi ng tatay mo kamukha daw nya yung sumapak sa kanya.


Here’s another thing to think about…

May criminal na tumakas sa bilibid tapos hinahabol ng pulis… tumakbo sa palengke nagpalit ng damit… sino kaya huhulihin ng pulis e kahit sya kamukha nung criminal…

I believe that there are things that we just didn’t think about, there are things which we thought should be better, but eventually it’s not. Come to think of it… are we wiser than God? ...nope.


Monday, July 11, 2005 [ 11:04 AM ]

is the enemy of resistance...

anu un? anlabo...

well its the first thing that came to my mind... but as I walk around going home... still i didnt know what it means...

the next day... nakakaantok! its 5:30am and I have to wake up and go to school just to meet my spanish professor, great! I dont think anyone would be happy to see her... (just imagine a dirty old witch speaking spanish)

I dont want to go to class....period. But the phrase suddenly pops out of my mind. Commitment is the enemy of resistance...

what does it mean?

When you commit yourself on something, you would do everything just to make your commitment. Whenever you feel hesitant, or you want to resist something you should do, think of your commitment and it will help a lot. We always have our excuses especially I, but in commitment, we should challenge all our excuses.

Commitment is running another mile, when your strength is gone... It is standing for another 3hours when you are so tired...

In Commitment... strictly no excuse policy...

Commitment is giving your best shot... no matter what