Tuesday, July 19, 2005 [ 11:34 AM ]


I saw an article yesterday that caught my attention.
The famous Presidential Spokesperson Igacio Bunye talked with regard to the popularity rating survey conducted by the Time Magazine and CNN. The survey says that 57% of Filipinos do not trust Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo tsk!

(How can you lead a country in which majority of its people doesn't want to be lead by you?... but that's another issue)

Time Magazine and CNN are known for their credibility, so it's just ethical to believe what they have to say...
That is why Sec. Bunye did not deny the result of the survey but rather came out with a (stupid) response.
Bunye said that GMA wants to focus to the economy rather that to give attention to all these surveys... he says that the presidency is not matter of popularity...(???)

I am not an anti-GMA or an anti-Bunye for that matter but Bunye always has his own way of irritating my ear (just like Raul Gonzalez)

Does Bunye mean that the ratings of the president doesn’t have anything to do with the economy? Bunye should think. If he was a foreign investor, would he invest in a country that has a leader that even its people do not trust?
If the ratings shows that the president do not have the trust of her constituents, how can investors give their trust to her? If the people close to you do not trust you, how can others do?

Mr. Bunye should think before he speaks... being a spokesperson doesn't mean he only have to speak... he also needs to think.


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