Thursday, November 24, 2005 [ 5:34 PM ]


The "legendary" escape master Virgilio Garcillano is back, but whether for or against the administration is yet to be known.

Last night I heard a news commentator asked, "Garci is back... but why only now?" Based on the statements of Garcillano's wife and few administration congressmen, he is really back. But why only now? Is he moved by his conscience to show up and speak the truth? I doubt it. So I decided to think of his reasons for coming back to the Philippines. Why would he do that if he can continue his "vacation" abroad?. I came up with three but unfornunately I forgot one.

The reason of his return in the country is of course the same reason why he run out of here- To protect the president. But now, not only to protect but also to defend her... but why only now?

First reason is that the impeachment complaint had already been dumped. With that event, the statements that he will give now will have no effect with the complaint filed against the president. If only he had given his statements before the impeachment complaints had been filed, then it could back up all the evidences and there would be no way for the majority block of the congress to dump it for the basis of insufficiency in form and substance. (his statements would be enough as substance).

Second, is that at this point, Rep. Gilbert Remulla of the administration is no longer the chair of the lead committee that would preside in the congressional inquiry. The point is that Remulla was not been so favorable for the administration in the way he presides the inquiry and had been fair enough to allow the opposition solons to scrutinize the witnesses. Now that Remulla had been replaced, the chair that would preside further inquiry can stop all the moves of the opposition to force Garcillano to squeal the annomalies he made. (Just like what Datumanong did, when he decides to go through the prejudicial questions first.)

As for the third reason... as I've said, I forgot. XD


Friday, November 18, 2005 [ 7:41 PM ]


[Edit: Because of this jewel fanaticism I already purchased a set of Jewel DVD series. The problem is that we don't have any DVD player yet. Crazy right? but I did that just to force myself to have a player asap. XD]

Honestly I am not an advocate of any of the Korean novellas that are rolling up on national television these days but I admit that I had watched a couple of them and ended up liking it.

Few years back, the people in our place had been addicted in watching the Mexican soap opera ‘Mari Mar’. I can still remember my mom desperately rushing to finish our dinner as early as possible just to watch it on time. And when it already runs on air, don’t dare talk to her if you don’t want to be scolded to death. That time, I really don’t know what keeps them stuck with the story of a dubbed telenovela with a taking dog.

Just a couple of years back, the era of the Mexican soaps ended and was replaced with the Koreans. From Meteor garden to Full house, the same scenario took place and everyone seems to be so inclined with it. Although as I’ve said, I had watched some series that somehow fascinated me, (most of them anime) I can’t seem to be attracted with these Korean series until recently when I accidentally saw the historical series “Jewel in the Palace.”

I do not intend to tell the story here, in the first place I do not know the whole story yet but I just like to air my not-so-serious side of personality. Jewel in the Palace is the first TV series that made me exited to get home early everyday and stare at the television as if there is no tomorrow. I’m corny right? But that is what I really feel. All I can say is that it is really worth watching.


For those who send me text messages from 9:30-10:00 in the evening, sorry for the late replies… now you know why XD.


Friday, November 11, 2005 [ 6:15 PM ]


In the recent speech of GMA addressed to the KBP, she referred to the media as “bad boys” for being inconsiderate in reporting the events happening in the country. The president asked why do the media keeps on reporting those events that's placing the country and her administration in bad light.

"I call on you, let us cast aside the bad boy image that the press have acquired. Let us restore its glory as the responsible son of a democratic nation. We must take heed of the media becoming part of the national malaise and a hindrance to development rather than an important solution to our problems,” said the president.

In the context of what GMA said, she is calling the media to focus on the accomplishments made by her government and not the one's that degrades her administration's credibility.

Although I believe that good news should always have its part on broadcast and print media, I do not blame the press if major part of its reports were infavorable for the president. I believe that if the present government or any government for that matter doesn’t make any anomalies and controversies, then the media wouldn’t report such, in the first place, people know which things to believe. Media would certainly report good things that occur in the country if there is any.

Just like what professors usually says, they do not make the grades of the students, they just record it; it's also the same for the media, they are not making the news, they just write it.

Maybe, just maybe, the president is not asking for news but for publicity, two things which are far different from one another. Publicity is the things you want to hear and news is the things you need to hear.


Friday, November 04, 2005 [ 6:10 PM ]


Everybody is looking for him but they couldn’t find him. There were reports that he’s in Singapore, London and now in Argentina. Rep. Gilbert Remulla even speculated that he might be dead. But this is the latest…

He is still in the Philippines and in fact, he can be seen on national TV. According to reports, he just underwent some surgical operations somewhere in Manila and it resulted into a great disguise. From an election official to a tv comedian…

NOTE: The idea came to my mind when I accidentally saw the second guy in a TV show XD