Friday, November 11, 2005 [ 6:15 PM ]


In the recent speech of GMA addressed to the KBP, she referred to the media as “bad boys” for being inconsiderate in reporting the events happening in the country. The president asked why do the media keeps on reporting those events that's placing the country and her administration in bad light.

"I call on you, let us cast aside the bad boy image that the press have acquired. Let us restore its glory as the responsible son of a democratic nation. We must take heed of the media becoming part of the national malaise and a hindrance to development rather than an important solution to our problems,” said the president.

In the context of what GMA said, she is calling the media to focus on the accomplishments made by her government and not the one's that degrades her administration's credibility.

Although I believe that good news should always have its part on broadcast and print media, I do not blame the press if major part of its reports were infavorable for the president. I believe that if the present government or any government for that matter doesn’t make any anomalies and controversies, then the media wouldn’t report such, in the first place, people know which things to believe. Media would certainly report good things that occur in the country if there is any.

Just like what professors usually says, they do not make the grades of the students, they just record it; it's also the same for the media, they are not making the news, they just write it.

Maybe, just maybe, the president is not asking for news but for publicity, two things which are far different from one another. Publicity is the things you want to hear and news is the things you need to hear.


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