Saturday, July 23, 2005 [ 4:57 PM ]

Laban o Bawi?

If I remember it right, I thought GMA told the opposition to bring their complaint with regard to election fraud to the congress and to follow the rule of law. That is what she said in the height of this political crisis along with her “I’m sorry” line and that “lapse in judgment”

But what is the administration doing? First, they have preempted the Impeachment complaint that will be filed by the opposition by filing their “weak” version of it by a majority congressman in the name of Oliver Lozano. The opposition has been greatly opposed to it because according to them, its lack of substance may just give the president another one year if the complaint was dumped. But realizing that they can’t do anything about it, the opposition said that they will just come up with a concrete complaint to amend the one filed by Lozano. The amended version up to now is under process and would eventually be filed when the congress opens on Monday.

But before the opposition can do the complete amendment of the complaint, GMA had another tactical move…

GMA filed an answer to the original Impeachment complain filed by Lozano. What’s the point? GMA answers the complaint by Lozano, and according to the rules of court, when the accused had already answered the complaint; it would barred the complaint from any possible amendments. Does that make sense? Of course, because the complaint of Lozano is “weak” and she has a grater chance of escaping the real issue.

Is that an act of cowardice? Before, she was brave enough to face the issues in an Impeachment court, but now she is asking the congress to dismiss the case. (That is part of the answer of the president.) Well, conviction is to stick to your guts. If really GMA didn’t commit any impeachable offense, then she should have waited for the stronger complaint promised by the minority. In the first place she is the one who challenged the minority to file a complaint in congress, so why doesn’t she allow that complaint, and I mean that legitimate complaint of the minority to be filed? What is she afraid of? I just wonder what fairy tale Bunye would say.


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