Thursday, July 28, 2005 [ 5:41 PM ]

Do not enter

Yesterday GMA finally made a press conference in Malacañang since the biggest challenge on her administration burst on June 6. But it was not as everyone thought it would be... The press conference is supposed to be part of the new image of the president, and she would start her friendly looking image to the media. But what happened? yes, It is he again... Sec. Bunye cast away the journalist and photographers from the international media, and that is without any precedent notice.According to him, the press conference was exclusively for the Malacañang Press Corps. So the poor media members, with all their efforts wasted because of the good secretary just packed up and walked away. As Time Magazine correspondent Nelly Sindayen said, It never happened before, even during the darkest days of the Marcos years. But the circus doesnt end there, because according to the news, the questions to be answered by the president were asked to be given before the start of the conference and only the chosen few were allowed to ask questions. (She should have chosen Mr. Bunye, Mike Defensor and Raul Gonzalez as her Malacañang Press Corps). As expected, no queries with regard to the hello garci tapes and the likes were brought out. Why? go ask Mr. Bunye... that is if he allows you to ask.

What is wrong with answering every questions that the journalist wants to ask? besides, it would have been the chance for the president to clear her name to all these allegations. This scenario looks familiar... when the president would just ignore all the questions as her way of scaping the issue. That is what she did before... before she confessed that the voice on the tape belongs to her. In accordance with the ordinary promptings of man, or woman for her sake, a person whose character is being bombarded by criticisms, and especially negative criticisms would immediately clear his/her name. In fact, other people would call for a press conference, just like what the president did, but this people would appreciate all the questions to be asked simply because that would clear all the doubts in the mind of everyone. But the president did otherwise, she didnt entertain questions that the people wanted to ask, why? is she hiding anything? that impression cannot be hindered to enter the minds of every thinking citizen. As my highschool friend says, "If you really have no pimple... then go ahead and show your face" If really the president is innocent of all these allegations, she should be proud to let it be known to the public.

Others said the president is hiding the truth... well, maybe it is partly true, why? because I believe you couldnt hide anything you dont have... You cant hide the truth if everything that is in you is a lie.


Blogger Elizel said...

Ah. I'm not sure if by now you've heard of PGMA's intention to stay in power till 2010 despite plans for charter change. I'm seriously running out of adjectives to describe her, if you know what I mean. She really must be impeached, and fast.

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