Thursday, August 18, 2005 [ 10:00 PM ]


My first visit to the House of Representatives was luckily in the height of the impeachment case against GMA. Although I planned to watch several hearings including the “Hello Garci” issue, I was not lucky enough to have the time to be there. Now I am supposed to be in the congress not to watch the impeachment hearing but to interview Gilbert Remulla and it is not I that scheduled the interview but the hyper Elizel, I just asked her if I may join her in the interview.

I noticed that the congress just like any other government agencies has the attitude of discrimination toward those who are less fortunate in this life. The security was very strict with those who were dressed not too decently although it is a public office anyway; people should go there even with their simplest clothes.
Before I went to the congress I looked for my peach polo to show that “IM Peach” XD but unfortunately I cannot find it so I ended up with my pink polo and it looked like “I'M Pink” Just for the record I am in favor of the impeachment because it is the only proper venue for the president to answer all the controversies swirling around her so I hope there would be no more technicalities to delay it.

The staffs in the office of Gilbert were very accommodating, they didn’t treat us as students asking favor for the interview but instead they treated us as a formal guest. Until the time Gilbert came, they talked to us casually with different political issues in the country. Gilbert himself was very humble and apologetic, and as I have said in my comment to Elizel’s blog, he didn’t treat himself as an important person and he has his way of making other people comfortable talking with him. The interview went ok and within my heart I can feel the sincerity of the person we talked to. For complete details of the event…visit Elizel’s blog hehe. (I am hoping to have at least a longer post after my interview with chiz, my alter-ego, on Monday hehe)


Blogger Elizel said...

Really? You support the impeachment because you think it's the proper venue for her to answer allegations? o.O


Meanwhile *I* support the impeachment because I really don't think she deserves to be president anymore. XD

12:34 AM  
Blogger chizjarkace said...

well, that's a point for those who reject impeachment because according to them it's for the benefit of the opposition

9:51 PM  

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