Tuesday, August 23, 2005 [ 9:30 PM ]


Last week the operatives of the CIDG and the intelligence arm of the AFP, the controversial Isafp raided the safe house of Segundo Tabayoyong, witness of the opposition. This may seem late but I rather write on this than to let it pass XD
As I can see, that was a very desperate move from the side of the administration for the following reasons: first, Angelo Reyes himself cannot say any legal basis of the raid. Second, Brig. Gen. Jose Honorado said that the AFP has no police power and can only participate whenever national security is concerned and he admitted that the Isafp wasn’t supposed to be in that raid. And lastly If the opposition really has no evidence in proving the electoral fraud in the 2004 election, then why did they confiscated all the documents and ER’s in the safe house.

Sec. Ermita said in an interview that the president knows nothing about it and he seems to acquit GMA from responsibility. I don’t believe so, simply because under the command responsibility, the highest authority is responsible for all the actions of his/her subordinate and GMA is the commander in chief of the military and therefore she should be responsible for the actions of the Isafp for that matter. Another thing is that they raided the safe house without any search warrant. The Isafp said that they just responded to the call of the owner of the house and the owner let them enter the room of Tabayoyong. I believe that they should be accountable to it simply because… I will just quote what chiz himself said:
”We would take to task the CIDG “so far as the illegal raid is concern for the following reasons: first, no warrant. Second, they only asked the permission of the owner of the lease premises knowing fully well that once premises is leased out, the owner has already given away the possession of the property and therefore the lessee has full control of the property. She (Cabuhat) cannot consent for people to enter the premises and third, they should have made an inventory at the time of the seizure or the raid, not a week, not two weeks, not even the day after.”


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Okay, I've finally updated my blog. I'm back to discussing news and politics XD As you know I'm still glad that you-know-who finally signed the impeachment, although I'm pretty pissed off at how they're uh, killing it slowly in Congress x_x;

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