Thursday, August 11, 2005 [ 11:37 AM ]

Lousy Lawyer

GMA until now is very quiet with regard to the person she said as an election official which she called to during the 2004 election. Although she confessed that her voice was on the “Hello Garci” tape, she didn’t reveal the identity of the man on the other line. (Of course everyone knows it’s Garci) Although the president is hiding its identity, her lawyer yesterday had revealed it and confirmed that it was Garcillano. After a while he said that he was just misquoted (a person is misquoted if what he said is different from what is written in the news) after realizing that he was not really misquoted he said that it was just a slip of the tongue. (nadulas lang daw)


Blogger Elizel said...

Hah. Like client, like lawyer. I know what they should call it. It wasn't a misquote, it wasn't a slip of the tongue, it was A LAPSE OF JUDGEMENT. XD

12:12 AM  

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