Monday, August 29, 2005 [ 6:05 PM ]


I don’t know the problem of this government and its agencies why can’t they announce if there would be any suspension of classes as early as possible. They were used to announce it on the day of suspension itself and obviously almost everybody gets confused.

When I was still in elementary and high school, if there are incidents of typhoon, the PAGASA announced the suspension of classes when almost all the students were already on their way to school or maybe at school already, and end up being stranded because of heavy traffic. What’s worst is when they defended themselves in saying that the discretion whether to allow the students to go to class during typhoon is on the parents. There’s really nothing wrong in leaving the discretion to the parents, but what they do not understand is that even if the parents decided not to let their children to go to class, the students will still be considered absent. Teachers, especially the terror one’s don’t usually consider the discretion of the parents for as long as there is no official declaration of suspension of classes.

I don’t know why they cannot make their mind last week if there would be any suspension of classes today because of the National Heroes day yesterday. The government’s unstable decisions created many speculations with the real intention of declaring this day a holiday. Others said that August 29, should have been declared as a “Political Holiday” rather than a non-working holiday because they said that the suspension were made to delay the congressional hearing on the “Hello Garci” issue that supposed to be held today. Even the constitutionalist fr. Joaquin Bernas wrote in his column in the inquirer this question: Is the surprise declaration of the Monday holiday a ploy to prevent the collection of more signatures in a Monday session? This question sprout after the minority said they only needed a few more signatures to reach the magic 79.

As I can see, these were sensible questions that may have been prevented (just maybe) if they had announced the suspension of classes before hand. Actually, I can’t remember any Monday holiday confusion before the time of PGMA, pardon me for blaming her but she is the reason of these confusions.


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