Friday, August 05, 2005 [ 12:27 PM ]

Not about politics

Something not about politics… It’s always fun to write something that is current or somehow controversial but writing something else would also be delightful.
Honestly I haven’t written anything that is like this before so this would be a sort of experimental. I can’t decide of anything to write but something just came up that gave me an idea, so I decided to write this just to make a record. :D

Some years ago I had met a friend that became close to me. We always have a quarrel at first but that quarreling just started up our “friendship” We always argued with our different points of view, sometimes it leads us on a formal debate. We haven’t noticed that somehow our arguments became sharing of stories, struggles in life and personal mischief. She became my closest friend during that time. Before we used to disagree with one another but eventually we end up defending our beliefs against others who tried to dispute it. Our “friendship” lasted for some years and then we separated ways. All the while we still kept in touch with each other, sometimes even arguing again despite the distance. Some months ago, I hadn’t heard of her, no messages, no news or whatsoever until the other day when I heard that she has a serious problem. I don’t know if I should contact her, besides who am I to interfere with her life, but still I tried. She said that she has no problem, but deep within I know she has but she doesn’t want to tell me. So I go on with my life, I don’t want to bother my self thinking of someone that doest care about me at all.

I am just wondering about what could have happened, her openness to me suddenly disappeared without any reason at all. I though that she just wanted to deal with her life and that I don’t have anything to do with it. Yesterday, I heard from someone, that my friend is soon to be married. I still don’t know if that was her problem, but I think everyone has a life to deal with. Everyone has a decision to make. But why she didn’t inform me? I still don’t know. Well maybe she doesn’t want me to know.

“As time passes, we miss people less… but the loneliness stays forever”


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