Tuesday, August 02, 2005 [ 11:38 AM ]

Now it's clear why

The congress now had finally come up with the decision that they would adopt the same rules of impeachment used against former President Estrada. Surprisingly, the majority did not hinder the adopting of the same rules. In it, the minority can legally gather signatures to complete the magic 79 that would transmit the case to the senate. Before, some majority congressmen are saying that it is not possible because the only signatures that will be recognized were that 42 that were in the complaint.

As said by Chiz Escudero, the majority may think that they cannot gather the signatures needed. That is quite logical, because if the majority is sure that the minority can gather the votes, they would have not allowed the same rules. But there maybe some other reason behind?

Administration congressman Marcoleta who endorsed the first impeachment complaint filed by also an administration lawyer Oliver Lozano is now desperately working for attention. He is now saying that the impeachment complaint that the congress should recognize is the one he endorsed and not the amended complaint by the minority.

Can you see the picture? If the congress agreed to work on the original complaint endorsed by Marcoleta, the complaint will just be dismissed even if the minority succeeded in transmitting it to the senate because of its lack of substance. What the minority wants to work on is the amended version and not that original that would certainly fail.

This is why the minority called to the administration before that they should not preempt them in filing the complaint. It is just like that the administration decided what questions to answer. (Like what they did in the last press conference) That is clearly a strategy from the administration, to file their version of the complaint just to escape the main issue. The administration knows that they can easily break from the complaint of Lozano that?s why they are pushing it, they don?t want the amended complaint, they only want the Lozano (administration) version. That is a very clear example of using legal tactics to hide something. In the first place the administration would not have endorsed a ?weak? complaint if it was just for nothing.


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