Monday, August 29, 2005 [ 6:18 PM ]


Luckily I had the chance to interview Chiz Escudero last week. Like in my interview with Gilbert Remulla, I saw the sincerity in the eyes of the young congressman. Although admittedly, the staff of Chiz were not that accommodating compared to those of Gilbert’s. Maybe because they were too busy accepting interviews from different media groups and besides, they were also busy about the impeachment hearing.

In that interview, Chiz sounded more intellectual than Gilbert (sorry zel) He answers all the questions spontaneously with conviction and it is evident in his eyes that he knows what he is talking about. He answered all the questions in his own soft tone, a non-trapo way of speaking and not even a slight sign of arrogance can be seen in him, with the way he dress and the way he moves and mingle with his staffs, he is the same person we see on TV.

Through that interview, I can say that if an open-minded solon, and I want to emphasize, open-minded solon (if there’s still some of them) would listen to Chiz, he/she might be convinced in what this person is saying. If political bias would be set aside, and the congressmen will just listen to what Chiz have to say, I believe that even without the help of other minority congressmen, he can gather even more that 79 signatures for the impeachment. XD but of course, they won’t listen to him if what he have to say will not favor their interests.

Honestly, I can say that he in some ways had inspired me to be dedicated in my studies and give more attention in acquiring all knowledge possible, because some day, I may have a better use for it. In a very discriminate world, knowledge would be one of the best weapons that should be part of our arsenal.


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