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Where's Garci?

I remember during my childhood days where I played hide and seek. I seldom became the seeker because I’m very good at hiding during that time But with the few times that I became one, those that were hard to find were those that hides themselves in a very far place, as far as their cousins house in the next few blocks. That was hard to find but the hardest is the one who would go home, sleep and forgot that he is playing the game. (I admit being one, but I did it only once) But why did that happened? It is because of that clumsy seeker, who would look to places that obviously no one would hide like in a main road, and those who hide get bored and end up going home; sometimes even the seeker goes home and didn’t bother to seek. In a hide and seek, the seeker cannot find those who hide if, they were good at hiding, or they went home, or the seeker is a clumsy seeker, or the seeker is really not seeking.

That brings me to the where’s Garci issue. The Congress had invited him not just once and there were also two subpoenas issued for him. The problem was no one had received the subpoena because no one knows his whereabouts. It is very obvious that he didn’t want to show himself in the House of Representatives, don’t tell me that he didn’t know about the congressional hearing. That is a nonesense. The congress decided to issue a warrant of arrest yesterday to forcefully bring him to the hearing and copies of the warrant were given to the PNP, AFP and some government agency to serve it to Garci. The problem is, those who will serve the warrant were the same that were supposed to issue the subpoena to him.

Can they now find Garci? What is the difference of serving a subpoena and serving a warrant of arrest if Garci cannot be located? That would mean the same. No Garci, No Subpoena, No warrant of arrest. The question is why they cannot find Garci? Is it that Garci went to a far place? (as far as London) or they were just a clumsy seeker who were looking in places that obviously shows no signs of Garci? or is it that they are really not looking for him? or worst, is the seeker the one who is hiding garci?


In a classroom situation, the professor told the students before the exam “Do your best” and the students says “ok sir, we will do our best.” After the exam, some students failed. The professor asked “did you do your best?” Of course the students answered yes. The professor said “your best wasn’t good enough.”
That applies to those who are looking for Garci, “did you do your best?” if yes, “your best wasn’t good enough” if no, “Do your best stupid, look for Garci!”


Blogger Elizel said...

Garci went to London, to visit the queen XD The WoA at this point may be too little, too late. They (NBI, et al) really could've tried harder, obviously, but you're right, it's not easy to find something if you're not really looking. I seriously doubt they'll find him now, that is, if they're even really trying. And I have this suspicion that he's been out of the country for a long time now, anyway. (Whew, long comment.)

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