Friday, August 26, 2005 [ 9:09 PM ]


Years before I entered college, what comes to my mind whenever I hear the word politician, is an old man, partly bald, wearing a piña barong and delivering a slow and boring speech in a pulpit. But some years back, I have seen new breed of politicians, young, soft-spoken but intelligent enough to be one. Although admittedly, most of them were just a young replica of what I pictured before as a politician, but still it cannot be denied that there were some of these young politicians who have shown the power of the youth in changing time respected traditions, including the traditional politics.

I don’t want to sound defending politicians, I know they don’t worth it, but I just want to commend what these young politicians have made. These young distinguished politicians have opened the awareness of the younger generations in national issues and social concerns. Before, the youth was only concerned with topics such as fashion, sports and show business depending on their class, but because of these creatures, many among the younger generation have tried to consider shifting their interest in other subjects such as politics, economics and other more serious topics. They have shown to the older generations that the youth’s perception must also be taken into serious consideration and they have made known what the youth power is.


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