Thursday, September 08, 2005 [ 8:13 PM ]


We must follow the rule of law! This is the pulse of my constituents. It is the rule of democracy, the rule of majority.

These phrases were grossly overused last Monday and Tuesday during the plenary session in the House of Representatives. Debates and exchange of ideas overwhelmed the session hall. But like as everyone thought of it, the impeachment complaint was murdered. Honestly I didn’t monitor the whole event but I can say that I had an idea of what actions occurred.

Commentators and analysts said that the committee on justice rushed the impeachment hearing but Congressman Datumanong expectedly said that they didn’t. Really? The constitution gives 60 session days for the committee on justice to complete its committee report and they just finished it in 14 session days. They didn’t rush it. They have at least more than three sessions in the committee level which were done overtime. They didn’t rush it. In the plenary, they made the debates and the voting in a marathon session, which lasted for almost 24hours. They didn’t rush it. They gave the copies of the committee report to the members of the House only on the day of the plenary session itself, and much later that day to the members of the pro impeachment group. They didn’t rush it. The members the minority made a motion if they could at least have a day to sleep with the report but the majority rejected it. They didn’t rush it. The committee report lacks substantial information in the draft, like in some paragraphs; there is no mention of the source of the conclusion such as court decisions from the SCRA or constitutional provisions. They didn’t rush it. I don’t know how can I make myself believe that really didn’t.

But why? Sec. Bunye said that the president is thankful for the result of the impeachment and she can now face in the United Nations with full pride and no impeachment case hanging on her head. Did they really think that would happen? In the first place, how can they boast that the name of GMA had been cleared when she didn’t answer the allegations to her legitimacy as president? They didn’t prove that the President is innocent with all these controversies; they just proved that she could use her power, not for the benefit of the public, but for her own interest.


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