Saturday, September 24, 2005 [ 4:56 PM ]


I think this is my first post that would air my grievances, not against the government, but in a private corporation. I am not the first to complain about this, but I would certainly be glad to be one of those complainants. I am referring to the Meralco corporations, which almost every Filipino below middle class hate.

Last Monday, their electric post in our area exploded due to too many illegal connections. That kind of event was not that extraordinary, in fact, we always experience it almost every other week. But the problem is, it has been almost a week now that our area doesn’t have an electric supply and the Meralco is still not doing anything about it. Some residents called their office and they said they would fix the problem by Tuesday, but it is already Saturday but there was not even a shadow of their employees that came to our place. Just imagine how life is without any electricity… (how can I read that damn Lit articles?) I decided to call their office personally to make a follow-up and guess what they said… shit! They said that they wouldn’t fix it anymore because there were many illegal connections. What kind of response was that? I believe that we are paying our bills on time, no matter how high it is, so we just deserve better services and I mean quick services... and we demand for it!. They said that we should just wait until the illegal connections were gone. Are they asking us to wait until forever? It is like waiting for GMA to resign.

With regard to the illegal connections, they said that the residents in the area should guard the electric post so there would be no one to tap an illegal link. What kind of service is that? That’s nonsense, for many reasons, First, it is not our duty to guard an electric post from illegal connections, it is theirs. Second, the house owners around the said electric post were the ones responsible for the illegal connections, do they want us to be killed? (We live in a squatter’s area, and I guess you know what I mean) And lastly, we have already given them all the information about the illegal connections, who were the responsible for it, where they live and everything about them. But they just gave another stupid response. The very responsible Meralco said that we should be the one to capture those people behind the illegal connections and just call to their office afterwards. Forgive me but Meralco is a big... ay ewan!


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