Saturday, September 10, 2005 [ 5:37 PM ]


The attempt of the opposition to impeach GMA failed because of lack in numbers. As for that event, opposition congressman Jacinto Paras said that the leadership of the Minority should be changed. Paras mentioned that Rep. Ronaldo Zamora should replace the current House Minority Floor Leader, Francis Escudero. According to Paras, Escudero is not the leader the minority needed; he said that Escudero's inefficiency is the reason why the minority didn’t reach the 79 votes. He also added that Chiz is only working for his own interest because he is aiming for a senatorial slot. (Just a question to Paras, is Chiz not worthy in the senatorial race?)

I'm not sure who would agree with the statements of Paras. I don’t want to sound, as the lawyer of Chiz XD But my point is that the nation saw the efforts of Chiz to gather the 79 votes and do his duty as the minority leader. It is just that he is not as powerful as GMA. As what I have noticed in the past events, Chiz became one of the reasons why the minority had been able to diminish, if not obliterate their image as the political black sheep of the country. If not for him, the minority may not been able to gather support, especially from the youth. Most of the minority solons always sound tpapos in public perception.

With the statement of Paras, I don’t know if he really believes that Rep. Zamora should be the minority leader, or if he has other political motive. (Maybe this could give us an idea...)


Blogger Elizel said...

Ah, I *knew* that would irk you. But yeah, where does this Paras get off, criticizing Escudero? Chiz has been all over the place campaigning for their cause. Besides, the main reason the minority has such a positive image is that they're YOUNG, spunky and idealistic. Replace that with geysers Zamora and Paras, and let's see if they have as many supporters. x_x

7:29 PM  
Blogger chizjarkace said...

Paras is a very good icon for the word "insecurity"XD

5:19 PM  
Blogger chizjarkace said...

Comment ni ate mitch...

Pano ako makakapagcomment eh for bloggers lang yung comment page mo? heller!
anyway, PARAS is absolutely insecure. He's merely pointing fingers even if we all know MY CHIZ worked hard for the minority. Magbasketball na lang sya! hehe ibang Paras pala yun. corny. lol

2:21 PM  

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