Friday, October 14, 2005 [ 5:41 PM ]


At long last the semester came to an end. Finally I can breathe a bit from all those paper works and unimaginable reading tasks and have a quite enough sleep. And just for the record, I would like to list down some of the events and accomplishments we have done in the previous months.

I had a chance to interview Congressman Gilbert Remulla and the House Minority Leader himself, Chiz Escudero. The interview was for our broadcast journalism prelim, which came out quite well.

Although I’ve reached the maximum limit of absences allowed in some our subjects, still I managed not to go beyond that and not receive a ‘Failure due to absences’ grade in our Sports Journalism and Thesis classes.

We have had a thesis adviser without any knowledge in thesis making (He/She? admitted it) but nevertheless we still completed our methodology without much difficulties and that is with the fact that we revised the whole thesis itself one week before its submission.

We came up with the third issue of the REALSCORE sports magazine, this time featuring billiards and billiard players. But sad to say, we were not able to have an interview with the magician.

We have made a ‘full blown’ documentary project featuring people who sell their own blood, kidney and sperm to support their financial and vices needs. That documentary caused us to tussle against bad weather, sleepless nights, unknown places and stubborn group mates XD. We encountered technical problems in the last minute but still managed to submit it on time. The other groups were already presenting their works but there we are, doing editing stuff in the library. Mitch, our EP, asked us to make a cover for the cd but Art, Tristan and I don’t know how to use PageMaker efficiently so we decided to make it in MSWord. The result... it was like those pirated cd’s sold in quiapo.

And the most dreadful of all was that I finished the thousand and one readings in our literary criticism class and experienced a six-hour long final exam for that subject. And that six-hour long final exam was just to answer four questions. But although I’m done with that, the question still remains… will pass that subject?

Although they may look simple accomplishments but I know deep within me that I am not capable of doing those little things without the help of my God. Whenever it came to a point that everything seems helpless, the only thing that I do is to kneel, pray and shed a tear. And it doesn’t fail. It is to Him that I owe all these accomplishments. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!


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