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Note: This entry might be offensive to others. Any comments and reactions are welcome for as long as it is for the sake of truth. I did not post this entry until after December 25 so as not to spoil the Christmas spirit for its believers.

Christmas as it is observed in the Philippines is a catholic tradition, a tradition where other religions are also involving themselves in for their own reasons. Based on the Catholic encyclopedia the tradition of Christmas was used to be every January 9, which later on was replaced to December 25. The Catholic authorities admit that the date of the birth of Jesus Christ is unknown and so they set a date in reference to the pagan celebration of the feast of Sun god.

Making a wild guess on the date of Christ’s birth was not a good idea, having it on a date that was used to be a feast for a pagan god was terrible, but deciding that it should fall on December 25 is far more ridiculous. If the bible does not specify any date, then why would anyone place such? As a result of this attempt, the result is nothing but weird.

The bible tells the story of the birth of Christ in a scenario where Joseph and Mary finds a space in a manger, which means that the shepherds are on the field. Consider the part of the song the first Noel. “The first Noel the angels did say, was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay…” (Nothing wrong until this part but look at the next line) “In fields where they lay keeping their sheep on a cold winter night that was so deep…” Can anyone imagine shepherds keeping their sheep in the field during winter?

Snow starts to fall in Israel on November, and during December, the fields were covered of nothing but snow and it would be illogical for any shepherd to bring their sheep in the field during that time of the year, unless the sheep in Israel could eat halo-halo.

With this little biblical point, Christmas would obviously not fall on December 25.

The traditional Christmas practiced in the Philippines is said to have the spirit of love and gift giving. But why is that whenever this season of the year comes, the crime rate tend to increase? And more people have a propensity to be under the influence of liquor, which often leads to murders? Is that love?

But is there any Christmas in the bible? Of course there is, then what is it? How should Christians practice this Christmas?

To be continued…


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