Friday, March 10, 2006 [ 7:41 PM ]


I haven’t updated for the past weeks since I have to settle all my academic deficiencies both acquired by me and the university’s negligence.

I was supposed to post an entry that I wrote last night when I am totally depressed and seems hopeless with all the events happening in my life. (I never thought I would face such impediment before I finally graduate)

That entry was supposed to reveal my emotional side that is usually unseen by others and sometimes even by me. I never thought I would feel alone and helpless by this point where I have acquired more friends than before. But since God, as always, made me feel comfortable and answered my prayers sooner than I expected, I decided not to publish the entry. Thanks to God for all the things he has done.

Happy birthday again to Trixie and thanks to all my friends for a very memorable bonding moment last night.


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