Tuesday, August 08, 2006 [ 11:12 AM ]


It’s been months since my last entry and now finally another worthless entry just for the sake of updating.

I used to update entries regularly before when I was still at school for the simple reason that Internet use then was free. Well technically Internet use was part of the tuition but still, the fee doesn’t come from my pocket unlike now that almost in everything I am supposed to be self sufficient.

Update: I won P2000 in a raffle of our recent company party, but unfortunately it was forfeited because I didn’t attend the event. I really forced myself to go there and I succeeded, but again unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the venue (Crown plaza, Ortigas) my horrible sense of direction was responsible for it again. I got lost again. I tried to call for help but unfortunately, no one answered their phones XD (I’m just not sure if they knew why I called, maybe they thought that was just a joke)

As expected after being absent in 2 company parties, almost everyone thought I just don’t want to go to gatherings because I’m not a sociable person. Maybe yes, maybe no but I don’t care, I’m just sorry for that P2000 I imagined having wings and flying out of my hand.


Blogger Elizel said...




ROFL Yaan mo na, 'tol, darating din yan. Baka hindi ka lang talaga destined na umattend ng party na hindi kami kasama. XDDDDD

5:58 PM  
Blogger chizjarkace said...

Oo nga hehe... labas uli tayo XD

6:31 PM  
Blogger Elizel said...

Labas ulit? Uh...


[Wala akong] pera. @_@;


8:47 PM  

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