Sunday, September 17, 2006 [ 4:56 PM ]


The idea of having a new form of government seems to be a good idea in a country perceived to be going in the direction opposite of progress. The idea is fine, if something does not work try another. If we are performing poorly in the presidential form of government, try parliamentary. It looks like a simple solution but even the best medicine will not work if not taken in proper dosage and in the right time.

The proponents of the change in the constitution believe that they are following the right prescription based on its effect on other countries. It could be right but most probably it is not. What is good for someone might not be as effective to another. What is good for my flu may not work on your flu. In taking medicine, there are factors to consider.

The medicine this present administration wants to be able to end the country’s corruption sickness and political instability is charter-change. I am not against it; it’s a good medicine that worked for other countries. But as I said though it worked for them, it may not work for us. Why? Because the people pushing for it knew only the medicine but they do not know how and when to take it. They want charter change in a time when there is still a doubt in the legitimacy of the president. So instead of the people believing that it is for the country’s good, they are convinced that it is only a scapegoat for the president whose mandate is still in question.

I heard congressman Jaraula said in an ANC interview that the problem in our government is the system and not the people running it. Honestly, I thought it was a joke. It’s not the people running it? Let a reckless driver drive the newest model of Ferrari car and look what will happen. It’s lucky if it only gets a single scratch in an day. Then let a disciplined and talented driver drive an old model car and he will be able to use it in its full potential. What I mean is our government’s system is not as bad as others think it is. Yes, there might be other forms that are much better than this but if we only get the right people in the right places then this system could work on its best until both the citizens and the politicians in this country be mature enough and responsible enough to handle greater power provided by a greater system.


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Tol, have you read Remulla's blog? :D He writes well.

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Yun ung nasa link diba? nakita ko na kaso si ko pa nababasa yung mga posts niya... try ko nga pag may time hehe

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