Wednesday, December 06, 2006 [ 5:59 AM ]

Obviously shameless

If there is one thing that can move me to post an entry to my blog I think it is the gag show the country has in its distinguished august body called the House of Representatives.

As of this writing, I am watching the elected representatives of the land betraying the same people who placed them to authority. For an obvious personal political benefit of people ever hungry of power, the administration congressmen again maneuvered the rules of the House of Representatives to force their Con-Ass into the mouth of the innocent citizenry.

The move that the lower house made just to push the unpopular charter change is a move taken behind the curtain of tragedy and triumph. The triumph of the Subic rape case and the tragedy brought by typhoon Reming. The two elements combined is a perfect way to take the attention of the public away from an important issue of changing the backbone of Philippine laws. Add it up with the session made when most of the people are wondering in their dreamland, it is a clear deceit at the expense of the whole Filipino people.

As I already wrote in my previous posts, the administration congressmen are not ashamed anymore of what they are doing. They would rather push through the charter change than help their constituents who suffered from the typhoon. They would rather bend the house rules in their favor rather than pass a law that could somehow help people who suffered from the calamity. They would rather waste their time and budget for their future political careers than pass a law that will completely junk or at least amend the American favoring V-F-A.

The administration congressmen as usual, have violated and disregarded rules, traditions, precedence and all ethical standards to get what they want. Nevertheless, if we will base our observation on the tradition, precedent acts and ethics of this administration, we can be sure of one thing. They will insist on what they call a bitter pill even if it would kill and not heal Philippine democracy.


Blogger White-haired Journalist said...

naks! gumagaling ka na magsulat tol! astig! pero ung libre di parin namin limot ok? manlibre ka! hehe

1:47 PM  
Blogger chizjarkace said...

cge sa december para isang buhos hehe... kaw ang malaki sweldo jan e

4:23 PM  
Blogger chizjarkace said...

mali sa february pala hehe

4:24 PM  
Blogger White-haired Journalist said...

hehe sige. set ako ng meeting this month. oi kuha ka ng cbox dali!

9:00 AM  
Blogger marion said...

alam mo bang sobrang nagulat ako nung pinayagan na yung people's initiative eh diba sabi sa santiago vs. comelec dati, ndi naman talaga pwede and people's initiative sa revision? sabi ni CJ Puno, ndi naman daw revision yung kasi that change in the system of government, no matter how big it is, is still an amendment. Labo. tapos ngayon, pinayagan na. ganid ang mga tao sa gobyerno...

10:25 PM  
Anonymous abby said...

Grabe naman pulitika paren aaaaaaaah! Lupet Jam ah, malaman. XD

12:26 AM  
Anonymous mitch said...

@abby: yan din nga ang sasabihin ko eh. Chris, ibang topic naman. How about love? wahahaha! baduy. :P

hoy mr. dzmm premier newswriter, miss na kita. magparamdam ka naman dyan. lol

10:44 PM  

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