Tuesday, May 29, 2007 [ 5:07 AM ]


One of the news in Bandila last night said that Team Unity is accusing the Genuine Opposition of vote padding and vote shaving in areas, where according to Tonypet Albano only one TU candidate made it to the magic 12.

Now this is unusual, because it is very seldom we hear that the incumbent is complaining of being cheated. As the party of the incumbent administration, who would dare cheat Team Unity? And who has the capacity to do so? Besides Team Unity is the one bragging about their machinery. Does their machinery only include getting them votes and not protecting it?

Another point is that most of the areas where TU says cheating happened is from Metro Manila. Why can’t they believe their candidates were crushed here? Metro Manila, since the Garci scandal, has been opposed to the administration. An almost sweep victory for the opposition here is something to be expected and you can have the surveys to prove it. It is very much unlike the accusations of cheating in Mindanao areas where TU is expecting to get most of their votes. Mindanao’s election credibility has been tainted with doubts since the 2004 presidential elections. There, not so much like here in Metro Manila, monopoly of power, political killings and election violence is very rampant. Not to mention that the election watchdogs there can’t even perform their jobs because of political pressure and harassment from local officers sympathetic to the administration.

The opposition’s victory in the senatorial race is just expected. The administration should start looking in reality that the people doest trust their leadership. Because until they realize it, that’s the only time they can do something to gain it back.


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