Wednesday, July 18, 2007 [ 7:18 AM ]


I just saw the Order of the Phoenix and it was good. Especially the spectacular battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort in the Department of Mysteries. Even Grawp was portrayed as a lovable and funny character than in the book. The fifth film was really nice…

Now, having said that….

It was also disappointing.

Maybe I’m just expecting too much because the OotP is really my favorite HP book so far. But still, the fact that it was the shortest HP film is an evident proof that it will leave viewers asking for more. Considering the fact that OotP is the longest book in the series, it wouldn’t really fit in such a short cinema time.

I know that a book cannot be really contained in a movie completely but I think they should have added at least 30 minutes more to get other significant events across.
There are events in the book that the director should have given more emphasis because they were quite vital to the plot.

I think they should have given more focus to the D.A. sessions and how its members excelled in their O.W.Ls. If not for the DA, they would not have passed their exams particularly in DADA, given how Umbridge conducteded her lessons.

I also think that they should have not deleted the part of the Quibbler interview made by Rita Skeeter. The way students hid those magazines after Umbridge banned it from Hogwarts is one of their rebellious acts against her. And besides, that is where most of them were convinced that Harry and Dumbledore are telling the truth ever since.
They also should have not made it look like it was Cho Chang who betrayed the D.A because she didn’t. I don’t like Cho but It was Marietta Edgecomb who did it not her. (and where’s the SNEAK part?)

It was really good in general but the Director should have not made it the way most directors do in filming a book. HP books have a wide readership so they should have expected that many of those who will watch the film already knows what will happen and they have a very high expectation. (Quidditch?)


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