Thursday, July 26, 2007 [ 9:08 AM ]

WELL DONE JKR (no spoilers here)

An hour had passed since I finished reading the Deathly Hollows and during that time I am thinking of how to describe the final installment of the Harry Potter series. Obviously, I can’t find the right words to describe its excellence. I can’t even imagine how should I tell my friends (who don’t read the book but interested to know the story anyway) the great climax of the story if they asked me how the series was ended.

The little disappointment I felt in the Order of the Phoenix film was overwhelmingly covered by the series’ impressive ending. No wonder why Jo says it is her favorite of the seven books and I can’t agree more. The combination of exceptional actions, brilliant humor, dazzling magical scenes, incredible storyline and the glittering emotional touch has been perfectly written. I can say that Jo poured the right amount of ingredients into her cauldron to produce a potion that most of us will never forget.

A lot of predictions have been proven correct but no one really expected how the twists of the story will turn out. Some vague parts may have been left unanswered but I don’t think major points have been missed. Everything was clear and every legitimate question in the series has been answered. Let’s admit it, not all questions are valid and the author is not responsible of answering all of them. I don’t think questions like who the parents of Lily and James are and what are their occupations should be answered, the same way that questions about the husband of Rowena Ravenclaw should just be left in the readers’ imagination. It would need another seven-book-series or more for all of those to be answered.

The book can never really please everyone but it can’t be denied that almost everyone felt its impact. It stirred curiosity to people even for those who doesn’t really read books and that’s a good thing. Harry Potter gave encouragement to both children and adult to read the series and even to explore other book genre in the hope of finding something worth reading.
In a time where movies are blockbusters and people are lured to watching a spoon feeding films, it is nice to know that a book can still find its way on the top of the hit list. The creative thinking and meticulous instinct that books gave to readers should always be a warning to film makers to stop fooling us with special effects and give us something sensible instead. (I hope that they give justice to the Deathly Hollows when they put it to film)

What else can I say but two thumbs up for J.K Rowling! Blimey, it’s wicked!

EDIT : For those who have more questions about the epilogue, JKR provides us with additional information about some characters here. (Now you can expect spoilers from it)


Anonymous abby said...

Yessss "Blimey, it's wicked!" haha. If it's as good as you say, they'll have a hard time living up to expectations if they make it into a movie hehe, good luck to them.

5:07 PM  
Blogger chizjarkace said...

I'm sure they will have a hard time deciding which part to cut hehe unless they make the film last for eight hours or more XD

7:50 AM  
Blogger Ria Hazel said...

hahah, natawa naman ako na eight hours gagawin yung movie, suoer ganda nu. haay. wala ng harry potter. pero super super, nakakaiyak, kamusta naman at humagulgol talaga ko sa scene ni Harry and DUmbledore. :D

2:58 PM  
Blogger chizjarkace said...

OO nga e tapos na pero meron pa naman HP encyclopedia and 2 movies left to watch out for hehe... OO nga the king's cross scene was sad pero I felt more sad in Dobby's death. XD

7:07 PM  

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