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Most of us have our childhood dreams that we would have wanted ourselves to be. Be it fictional or real, possible or not, for as long as it answers the classic Little Miss Philippines question “ano ang gusto mo maging paglaki mo?” it is part of our childhood fantasies and frustrations.

We could have had lots of them that range from being an astronaut to being a mailman, an Olympic gold medalist or the richest person in the world. All of them vary on our mood and on the things that we are so involved into when we were having those eccentric ideas.

I can even still remember myself dreaming of what I wanted to be whenever I am so bored with my school subjects or whenever I’m listening to a very good music that drives me to trance. As I somehow wanted this space to be like Dumbledore’s pensive of some sort for me, here are some of those someday-I-want-to-be thoughts that entered my mind during the years where I still believed that math is not a complicated subject.

Band vocalist – this thought came to my mind during the 90’s where the eraserheads are on its peak of popularity. I am one of those many who loved their songs from its lyrics to its rhythm and melody. Whenever I hear their songs being played on radio or see them perform on tv, I can always see a clear view of me standing on Ely Buendia’s shoes and singing with confidence in front of a large enthusiastic crowd.

Detective – my fantasy of being a detective was influenced by the two detective books that I read when I was in the fourth grade, Encyclopedia Brown and Sherlock Bones : the dog detective. I love it whenever detectives deduce so complicated clues and able to make a very complex problematic scenario look simple.

Great basketball player – Unlike the first two mentioned, this is one of my dreams that I believed is not so impossible for me to achieve. Although I play basketball, what I wanted is to be like a Michael Jordan who has a very swift movement and grace whenever he plays. The idea of making the spectators, commentators and even your opponent stare in bewilderment because of your great moves is just so great. Until now, I can’t resist thinking of myself playing in court like MJ whenever I am watching a basketball game.

Doctor – who doesn’t dream of being one when they were young? I remember that it was after I watched an episode of Bayani where they featured our national hero who invented alcohol (I can’t remember his name) that I end up wanting to be a doctor. I just gave up on this one when I noticed that my knees always tremble whenever I entered a hospital and see people in their worst conditions.

Scientist – the Back to the Future tv series was the one who influenced me on this. After each episode, they always feature a short and simple science experiment for kids and I always feel exalted whenever I was successful in doing it. I just stopped pursuing this dream after my first year high school science teacher threw my experiment project out of the room as she almost fainted in rage. (But honesty I don’t think that it was because of my project that she was angry, maybe that was just part of her menopausal syndrome) The idea of my experiment was to create an insect repellant (katol) using paper and garlic. I was successful in creating the mixture and making a katol figure out of it but when I lit it up using a match, it burst into flame and produced a very very bad scent that you can almost taste. Come to think of it, maybe I’m a good scientist, I invented a people repellant.

Lawyer – this is one of those that I never gave up hoping to be one until now. I wanted to be a lawyer since I was in grade one and until now that I already graduated in college. I even thought that this will start coming to reality after my graduation, but I was wrong. I forgot that poverty can sometimes hinder you in achieving your goal. But my hopes are still high. Who knows, maybe after a year or two, I may enroll myself in a law school. I may be idealistic but I just hate it when people in power are using the law to aggrieve those who are not so well off. I want to defend these people, I want to defend the people of my kind.

Superman – this is impossible right? But I wanted to be one and I even have my superman costume before. Maybe I can’t be superman okay, but I can be Clark Kent right? That is why I took journalism as my course in college. (Now you know) That is why whenever I’m asked why did I took journalism, I always have different answers depending on what comes to my mind at that time. I’m sure I won’t land in any job if I tell my interviewers the truth. But I’m glad I took the course because after all it’s really what I wanted.

There are still lots of occupations that I wanted to have and people I wanted to be but it will be too long to tell. I wished I’d be a fireman, policeman, soldier, machine man, peter pan, cook, baker, plumber and as I said too many to tell but most of them just came in and out of my mind as fast as I change tv channels.


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